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When thinking about Teeny Tiny's room, Nick and I were in agreement that we didn't want spend tons of money on furniture that the little man would outgrow in a couple years. We preferred to buy minimal "baby" furniture and work with what we had as much as possible. Knowing that we were planning to move for some time made it easy to decide which pieces of furniture would make it out of the living space of our apartment and into the new baby's room. In the end, a lot of my most favorite furniture will be part of the room, which makes me quite happy. Here are the pieces that now live there: 
 We're not positive the ottoman is there to stay, but I saw a baby's room online that had a big ottoman and I really liked the look, so it's definitely a top contender.  It just depends on the space.
Our rustic dresser is getting a second life as a baby changing station. We plan to attach the changing pad to the top of the dresser and keep all the necessary changing table supplies in the drawers below. In a few years when Teeny Tiny is no longer in diapers, this can be a functional piece of furniture, rather than a changing table we would have to store. 
The next part of the plan is the orb lantern that used to hang over our dining room table. We love this fixture and although its more decorative than functional, we thought it would be a fun piece for Baby Boy's room. 
 Next is the painted dresser that used to live in our guest room/office. When I painted this, I secretly had in mind that it would someday live in a future-baby's room, which is part of the reason I picked the soft white and grey paint. I'll probably change the knobs for something a little less girly when we get started on decorating.
Another repurposed item for the room is an upholstered rocking chair from my great grandmother. My mom has had the chair forever and she offered to recover it for the room. It's really comfortable and smallish so it won't take up a huge corner of the room. No pictures yet, but I'll be sure to share when my mom finishes reupholstering the chair.  
Obviously, we're missing something crucial for Teeny Tiny's room. Don't worry, we don't plan to forgo the crib or recycle any existing furniture. With constant changes to safety regulations, we knew that this was one thing that we would be buying brand new. We walked into Buy Buy Baby once to look at their crib selection and were a little disappointed. Neither of us like the super ornate cribs, sleigh-bed cribs, or the ones that have a higher back than front. We wanted something very plain and also, if possible, solid wood. Of course, solid wood cribs tend to be pricey but we lucked out by finding one at Pottery Barn Kids. The crib doesn't contain any pressboard or particleboard which can give off chemicals. It was also fairly inexpensive (for Pottery Barn) with a $399 price tag. With our credit cards points, we have enough gift cards from PB to pay almost nothing out of pocket for this crib. Plus this crib had lots of great reviews, which is alway reassuring! We also decided on the Sealy Soybean Crib Mattress from Walmart because it is another eco-friendly product with really good reviews. It is also relatively inexpensive at $131. 

So that's our furniture round-up for Baby R's room. Buying one piece of furniture for an entire room makeover isn't too bad and we're happy to reuse a lot of our favorite pieces in this new space. If all goes according to my plan, we should be painting the room this weekend so I'll have plenty of in progress pictures to share in the coming weeks! 


  1. Elizabeth Scheuer McPhersonMay 18, 2012 at 6:35 AM

    I can't wait to start shopping for the mini!!!

  2. Its going to look so good!  We did the same thing with the changing table and it works just fine!  

  3. LIz - you're getting the baby a mini cooper?! How awesome :)

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