an unplanned bathroom makeover

So, do you ever get an idea and just go for it? Well, that is what happened Saturday morning. My mom and I hosted a garage sale to downsize a bit and during the lulls in traffic, we talked about our favorite topic, home improvement. I decided that while I was in the midst of finishing painting Teeny-Tiny's room, I might as well tackle the adjoining bathroom. The only problem with this was that I knew I no longer wanted the huge wall mirror, gaudy light fixture, and Corian countertop that extended over the toilet. I also didn't really want to paint around them because they all were going to go, eventually. So, I asked my dad how hard it would be for him to remove these things from the bathroom. I didn't want to bother Nick with it, since he was in the middle of working hard on the yard and probably would have tried to talk me out of  such ideas. 
Luckily, my dad figured that those things would be, "eh no problem" to remove and came over Saturday afternoon post-garage sale to take them out for me. Speedy had everything out of the bathroom in about an hour.  He also removed the shower door and track from the tub in exactly 3.5 minutes. (I decided that bathing a baby in that bathtub would be difficult, having to bend over a metal track and only having access to one half of the bathtub). With everything out the bathroom, I was left with the bottom of a vanity, a toilet, and tub.  
I was also left with a little nervous feeling as to what Nick would say when he saw this demo-ed space... I decided then and there that this would be my project and Nick would get to see the finished product only. My sweet Dad told me that we could finish this bathroom in a few short days and offered both his physical labor and some monetary support, as a housewarming gift, to see this project through to completion.  The before/during pictures will all be extra gruesome, since we removed the light fixture and this bathroom has no natural light. That will just make the afters that much better looking, right?! 

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  1. I'm curious to see the tub. Our tub also has sliding doors, but I wouldn't let my husband remove them bc I thought it would turn into a huge ordeal where we would need to completely replace it. Is that not the case?


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