adventures in homeownership

 One afternoon last week, Nick and I headed out to the grocery store and we walked out the front door toward our car. Unfortunately, we walked out without Nick's car keys. As soon as we realized, (30 seconds after we closed the door) Nick went around trying all the ground level windows- all locked. We tried to tell Lucy to unlock the door but she just cocked her head at us quizzically. Because we're getting our locks changed this week, we didn't bother to hide a key or give anyone a spare. Ever Persistent Nick remembered that  the window on our stair-landing was not locked and he was determined to get into the house through that window.... approximately 11 feet off the ground. 
So out came the recycling bin as a makeshift ladder and with a quick, "hold it steady for me," he was up on top of the bin pulling the screen out of the window and prying open the window from the outside. Then he hoisted himself up and over the windowsill and right onto our stairs. Meanwhile, I could barely stop laughing in time to take these couple pictures of the event. Oh, being a homeowner is so much fun!  

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