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With all the rope Nick and I have been adding to our home lately (see here and here), you would think we were perhaps getting ready for a nautically-themed three hour tour...but no, we are just in a ropey phase and like the rustic look of it in all kinds of settings.
You remember our most beautifully rustic antique dresser that we found last week? Well, it was lacking knobs of any sort which made it tricky to open any of the drawers.
We had some extra rope lying around so we decided to remedy the problem with some DIY rope drawer pulls. 

I can't take any credit for this project, other than the idea behind it. Nick executed the entire rope-knob-construction without my help.
Here's what he did:
1. Widened all the holes for the knobs and pulls. Since the existing hole were a smidgen on the small side, given our chunky rope, Nick used his drill to quickly create a bigger hole through which to feed the rope. 

2. Measured out exact length of the rope, so that each knob/pull was the same size. 
3. Tie the rope into a secure knot (twice!). Nick tied one large knot for the knobs, and tied two knots spaced about four inches apart for the drawer pulls. 
4. Fed one end of the rope through the hole. When making a drawer pull, Nick fed both ends through the drawer and knotted them together in a loop. 
5. Pulled tight and tied a knot inside the drawer.
6. Cut off excess rope.
7. Burned the loose ends of each knot (to prevent fraying).
This project was fairly easy and 100% free, since we already owned the rope. I love the way the bottom four pulls turned out and the faint outline the previous pulls left behind.  However, I am not 100 percent sold on the top two drawers with the knotted knobs. Honestly, they kind of remind me of eyeballs with those dark circles around them! For now they stay, but who knows?! We may decide to spend a little money and buy actual knobs for those drawers somewhere down the line... 
I'll leave you with two more pictures of my most favorite piece of furniture at the moment:


The Lettered Cottage


  1. I LOVE this!!!! Great idea!!!! This idea looks so easy - and CHEAP! I love cheap projects!! I might do this for our bedroom! We have a built in closets and drawers with dated hardware. Great idea - thanks!!

  2.  I love this idea!   I would love to have you over to Remodelaholic to do a guest post about this project if you are interested please let me know and i will send you the details!  Thanks,Cassity

  3. such a beautiful dresser & I love the rope handles, what a good idea! I'm going to try it on something


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