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As I mentioned in this post, our number one priority on our to-do list is to get Teeny-Tiny's room ready for his arrival. After scouring Pinterest and numerous websites, I have a pretty good idea of what I want for the room- nothing too babyish or bright, something calm and neutral with color thrown in here and there, and reusing a lot of my favorite furniture that we have from our apartment. Our first step in room planning was to pick a fabric (or fabrics) that we wanted for the crib skirt, changing pad cover, and possibly the curtains as well. Since it's much easier to match paint to a fabric than work in the other direction, we wanted the fabric decision out of the way so that we could focus on the painting. I ordered lots of samples from both Tonic Living and Carousal Designs to make my decision. (By the way, I say my not our, because Nick's interest in picking fabric for the room is minimal at best.) 
 Here are all the swatches I ordered, laid out on the floor of Teeny Tiny's room. Right away, I was able to eliminate 4 of the fabrics. One was too babyish, and three were not the right color/pattern.

 I was left with these choices:
Next I split my fabrics into two groupings that made sense to me based on the colors/prints:
And the winner is....... 

 Option #1!
Since the fabric is being used in small doses throughout the room, I wanted something a little more fun that would give a bigger impact.  You'll clearly see the giant dots and the elephant print from far away, where the other smaller prints might get lost visually in the room. Now that I finally picked fabric, I'm able to decide on paint colors and start covering that khaki! In case you're interested, the giant dots are called Sweet Spots and are sold at Carousel Designs, the blue is also from Carousel Designs and is called Solid Robin's Egg Blue. The elephant fabric is called Mona and it's from Tonic Living. Even though we did decide on the elephant fabric, our nursery remains theme-less and we aren't planning on going crazy with elephants or any other animals in here! 

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