we're back

Sorry for our extended absence! The lack of internet in our new house until Friday has made blogging tricky. However, I'm back and I have lots to share this coming week, including pictures of our lovely new abode. We have been going, going, going since we last weekend! We have been settling into our new house nicely (except for poor Mr. Henry), and have gotten the majority of our house unpacked over the last week- thank goodness, because I hate living out of boxes and not knowing where anything is! Spending so much time in our new house has given me plenty of time to think about house projects and I have a meeellion new ideas for my to-do list, which I'll share later this week too. I've also been baking up a storm the last few days, so I have some new recipes to share as well. Anyway, I'm back to blogging and excited! 

{image via pinterest} 

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