a fally front door

My front door has been decorated for fall since the day after I painted it.  Since this is our first fall in the new house, I was pretty excited to have a real front door that led outside to dress up for the holidays.  But darn it if I accidentally waited until after my mums had died to take pictures of it. Just pretend the planter is full of big bushy white mums, okay? 
I got my inspiration for the front door from a Pottery Barn catalogue. (I unfortunately can't find a picture online but imagine hanging lanterns and lots of pumpkins etc.) Nick  hung up two of our Ikea lanterns filled with walnuts and candles, of course!  We used flameless candles that we can set on a timer so they pop on at 5 pm (well, now 4 pm thanks to the time change) and go off at 6 am. 
The mommy, daddy, and baby pumpkins are from our trip to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. We decided not to carve them since our unseasonably warm Halloween weather would have meant a quick death for these guys for sure. Now we get to enjoy them all the way through Thanksgiving season too!
 I love the orange wreath against the grey door. A lovely color combination for this time of year, in my opinion.
I love fall so much, even when it feels like summer out here in California. As much as I enjoyed decorating our door for fall, I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to decorate it for Christmas this year, my most favorite time of the year! 

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