amazing grace

When my siblings and I were young, we spent lots of time with our grandparents. I can remember many afternoons swinging in the backyard with Nana, singing songs. We would sing I've Been Working on the Railroad and You Are My Sunshine among others. However, Nana's favorite to sing to us was Amazing Grace. I think I knew all the verses by the time I was six years old.
When Nana passed away 10 years ago, Amazing Grace was played at the funeral. Every time I hear the song, I can't help but think of Nana and what a truly beautiful, graceful person she was.
There have been a few instances now when Hayden gets fussy and really fights the sleep he so desperately needs. At those times, I go to his room, dim the lights, sit in the rocker and quietly sing Amazing Grace to him. It settles him every time and as I rock my sweet baby to sleep, I think about Nana and how much I wish she could be here to see him; to watch him grow.
Yet, I know that she is there, watching over us everyday. In this Thanksgiving week, I'm so grateful for the years that I did get to spend with Nana and the many wonderful memories that I have. I'm thankful that my grandmother was such a strong, peaceful, loving woman and that she's given me the gift of this song that I can pass on to my son.


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