thankful for...

our sweet sweet baby boy
his little laugh and smiles that light up my days
my husband who works so hard to support us
our new house
Hayden's loving grandparents, who are always ready to help out aka Coco, Chief, Granny, and Pops
our siblings and their families 
Lucy and Henry, even though they drive us batty!
the fact I got to stay home with Hayden as long as I did
health for all 3 of us
our own washer & dryer
Saturday morning pancakes  with my guys
good friends
nap time
realsimple.com- saving our dinners, one night at a time
Starbucks Soy Lattes (sooo good)
dry shampoo 
adorably tiny baby boy hats
family vacations (next up, Hawaii!)
Pandora One (yeah for no commercials!)
beautiful California 
quiet walks around our neighborhood
our kitchen cabinets that are finally painted
Facetime chats with my sis
my faith
the library
New Girl (pretty much the only show we find time to watch each week!)
fall trees 
my husband who begrudgingly goes along with my plans to transform our house
visits with Nick's grandparents
a working fireplace!
handy dads 
friendly neighbors 
our safe city
the Anthropologie that just opened in our town
my iPhone camera that's helped me capture over 600 pictures of H in the last 4 months
colorful scarves and flats
pumpkin ice cream... or pumpkin anything for that matter...
a backyard
cozy sweaters that hide post-pregnancy chubs 
the park by our house
other moms (it's like a club!)
baby kisses (aka an open mouth on the cheek)
my marriage
the rain
my BFF and her biweekly visits with H and me
and this little gem of a picture:

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to you! 

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