3 months

It's hard to believe that Hayden is already 3 months old! We feel like our little guy has changed so much in the last month, particularly in the last week or two. Hayden is a pretty happy baby and loves to laugh and smile, especially at Mommy and Daddy. He likes to hear his own voice and has been using it to babble, shriek, gurgle, and giggle nonstop. Hayden has been getting so strong and loves to be pulled up to a sitting position. He's pretty good at holding his head up for extended periods of time. Hayden is a big fan of lights and we're pretty excited to introduce him to Christmas lights next month. This month has had a couple of firsts, including his first cold, first Halloween, and the first (and second!) time he rolled over. Mr. H has gone through a growth spurt in the last week so he's finally out of his newborn clothes completely (expect for a couple of sleepers) and firmly fitting into 0 -3 month sizes. Hayden is such a loveable little boy and he seems to grow sweeter by the day! 

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