to-do list revisited

We've already been in our house for 6 months (crazyness!) and I thought it was high time to revisit the to-do list that we compiled right after moving in. In the last six months we've been busy with projects, however it sometimes feels like progress is sloooow. Looking at the list now, we've actually made a good dent in it in the last 6 months! Let's see how we've done so far: 
Small Projects 
1.    Paint Kitchen Cabinets  In progress...
2.    Add hardware to kitchen cabinets
3.    Paint Baby’s room
4.    Paint Living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, stairs, bedroom, bathrooms
5.    Replace/add light fixtures We've changed some of the fixtures but have plenty to go!
6.    Repair windows
7.    Change locks
8.    Closet organization
9.    Take down shutters in kitchen
10.  Add window treatments to all windows We've added window treatments to all downstairs windows but still have to figure out something for our bedroom
11. Change faucet in kitchen
12. Add shelves to garage
13. Medicine cabinet redo
14.  Hang pictures 
15. Paint front door 

Medium Projects 
1.    Trim in Baby’s room
2.    Add baseboards to entire house
3.    New countertops in kitchen
4.    New backsplash in kitchen
5.    Fix patio crack
6.    Bathroom vanity makeovers Only finished 1 of 3 bathrooms so far
7.    Bathroom mirror makeover (ditto!)
8.    Build in the fireplace/ add a mantel 
9.    Re caulk both bathtubs
10. Pantry door install
11.  Redo Baby’s room closet doors
12. Baby’s room bathroom floor
13. Build in washer and dryer in garage
14.  New banisters for stairs
15. Wood paneled wall in living room
16. Add doors to the fireplace

Big Projects 
1.    Replace stove and microwave in kitchen Planning on ordering the stove asap! 
2.    Hardwood floor on 1st floor
3.    Redo stairs
4.    Landscape backyard
5.    Redo patio
6.    Repair siding
7.    Built-in bookcases/ entry for dining room
8.    Knock out kitchen half-wall/ cabinets to make a bar area
9.    Replace garage door
10. Plant garden

The fact that we have finished 12 projects and made progress on 5 others on our list (including 3 of the "Big" project list) is no small feat! I can't wait to see what we'll accomplish in the next 6 months!

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