organizing baby clothes

After three baby showers(!!) we had plenty of clothes and blankets - enough for Teeny-Tiny to have multiple outfit changes each day. This week, my plan was to wash, organize, and put away every last baby item we had received. 
The first thing I did was sort all the clothes into lights and darks. I did several loads of laundry using water and white vinegar rather than detergent. The clothes came out of the laundry extra soft and odor-free. 
After washing everything, I folded all those itty-bitty clothes and put them into piles based on function and size. Onesies, pants, and sleepers all went in separate piles.  I made stacks of newborn, 3 month, and 6 month clothes. 
Next, I readied the dresser for all those cute little clothes. Since the dresser used to hold office supplies, the drawers weren't lined. I decided to line the drawers with a cute wrapping paper found at Target. 
First I cleaned out all the drawers using a microfiber dust cloth.

Then I measured the drawers and cut my paper to size.
Next, I applied a thin layer of mod podge to the inside of each drawer and laid the paper on top. The thin paper wrinkled up a little at first but as soon as the mod podge dried, it smoothed out. 
After all the drawers were lined, I added drawer dividers from Bed Bath and Beyond, so that the small clothes wouldn't be floating around messily in the drawers. 
 I also made these cute labels to describe what goes in each drawer. I felt like our future sleep-deprived selves could use this little organization tactic to help us remember what goes where!
I lined the second dresser as well since we'll be using this one for our changing station. I put diapers and wipes in the top two drawers where they'll be easily accessible. 

So that's how I organized everything in baby's room... Now if only everything else was finished in there! 

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