almost done!

My dad surprised me by working on the bathroom last Friday while I was at work. Since we already painted the walls, installed the light, and added flooring, he had four main projects to accomplish in there.
 First, he added baseboards and trim to the wainscoting, to finish it off. (Which translates to lots of sanding, spackling and painting for moi.) 
 Next, he added the recessed shelves that went into the hole left by the medicine cabinet. He built the insert at home and then added the trim around the box when he got to our house. It looks so much better than that mirrored cabinet.
Then he worked on the electrical. We originally had one switch that turned on the light and (noisy) fan at the same time. When he asked us if we wanted two switches so that fan didn't have to be on all the time, we were quick to agree. However, the job was less than straightforward. Apparently the switch in the bathroom also controlled some of the outlets in the bedroom and there were more wires than necessary in the box. Of course, he figured it out and got everything working properly!

Last, Dad installed a new sink on top of the existing vanity. To save money, I opted to paint the vanity a fun aqua/blue color, instead of replacing it. The blue is so cheerful against the whites and grays of the room and the new sink is a huge improvement over the previous one. My dad also put the toilet back in it's place.
A lot has been accomplished in there and it's about 90% complete. The last few things remaining on the list are:

  • Patch the nail holes, sand, and paint both the recessed shelves and the wainscoting. 
  • Hang the mirror above the sink 
  • Scrape off any glue residue left behind by the removal of the shower door 
  • Add a couple more pieces of trim to cover up any gaps 
  •  Accessorize and decorate! (Obviously, my favorite step!) 
 Now that I'm done with work, I think our projects will move a bit quicker around here! 

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