we love our little lawn

As I mentioned in this post, we now have grass in our yard! Such an exciting moment! I came home from work two weeks ago, and Jason was just finishing up our beautiful new lawn. It's crazy how different the yard looks with a little bit of green, rather than piles and piles of dirt. Right now the lawn is L-shaped around the patio with straight edges. The next step is to add some gentle curves to it to create the flower beds next to the fence.  Luckily, we've been under budget so far so we have some money to spend on plants and flowers this summer. (We originally thought those things might wait until next year). 
We have been watering our lawn like crazy so that it doesn't die in this 100 + degree heat and we've been under strict orders to stay off of it for 2 weeks. This make Lucy very sad... She often stands at the glass door, looking out and just hoping we'll let her our on the new grass.
Just to remind you how far we've come, here's what things looked like before we started this project:  
So, that's the yard update for now! We're in the home stretch and the next time I update you, we'll probably have the plants in the ground! 

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