Pregnancy is hard work. It makes you heavy, tired, sore, sick, and hungry. It requires you to give up lots of things that you were fond of (certain foods, certain projects, your waistline, happy hour). When I start to feel a little grumpy about being pregnant, I remind myself what an amazingly awesome gift it is. I'm still not over the thought that there is a teeny-tiny person growing inside of me; a little boy that's the perfect combination of Nick and me. I feel so blessed and honored that I was chosen to bring this little man into the world and to be his mother. In a world where  many people have difficulty getting pregnant and have complicated pregnancies, I feel so lucky to have had such a typical pregnancy so far.  I can't say that I wish I could stay pregnant forever, but despite the long list of pregnancy symptoms, I'm so happy to have this little guy flourishing inside me. 


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