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With the Teeny-Tiny Bathroom Project well underway, I knew that I needed to find a new mirror to hang in the space. The previous one took up the entire wall and  I wanted a smaller mirror that fit the space above the vanity appropriately. Luckily, I happen to own a mirror (or ten!) so I just went through my collection and found one that I wanted to use. 
I like the curvy shape of this mirror and while it looks good in a shabby chic off-white, I wanted something more fun for a kid's bathroom. So I decided to paint it yellow! I've always enjoyed the color but don't have too much of it in my decor. I thought that bright yellow would be the perfect pop of color in an otherwise neutral space.
As luck would have it, I happened to have a small test-pot of yellow paint that I used for a long ago project, and it was exactly the type of bright yellow that I had in mind. 
A few tips when painting a mirror: 1. It's best to prop your mirror up on something so it's not sitting flat on the ground. I used an empty paint can. This way you don't have to lift the mirror to paint the sides and it doesn't stick to your drop cloth. 2. Don't worry about taping the mirror off. It's much easier to scrape off extra paint at the end of your project with a razor blade, rather than trying to tape every little crevice. 
After prepping my mirror (including cleaning off the frame) I applied three light even coats of yellow paint to it, waiting for it to dry completely in between each coat. It only took about 10 minutes to paint the entire mirror, so I would do a coat quickly and then let it dry for a day or so.
 After the frame was dry, I took a razor blade and carefully scraped off the excess paint from the actual mirror. A sharp blade makes this step quick and easy and after 10 minutes, my mirror was finished!
 Of course the bathroom's not quite ready for the mirror to be hung up yet, but I made Nick hold it up for me over the vanity and I'm most definitely happy with the color combination. I can't wait for it all to be finished to show you!

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