moving into the 21st century

When we moved in to our house, we purchased a refrigerator and washer/dryer since neither of those came with the house. As much as we wanted to update all the 80s appliances, we decided to save our money now and purchase those down the road. So, we were left with a gorgeous oven and built-in microwave circa 1985. 
 The first dinner that I made in our new house included some tortillas that I wanted to warm in the microwave. After 3 rounds in the microwave, they were still cold and I realized that it wasn't actually working. Nick checked the home inspection and sure enough, we missed the part that stated that the microwave was non-functioning.

It looked like our new microwave was coming sooner than we thought. Since we aren't big microwavers to begin with, we lived without one for awhile, until Nick finally decided it was time to purchase one. We ordered a stainless steel one to match the fridge and eventually the oven. Unfortunately it was back-ordered so we lived without a microwave for five weeks, which is more of an occasional minor annoyance than a catastrophe. 
Finally, two weeks ago the Kitchen Aid people came to deliver and install our new microwave. It looks so much better than the old guy, although it's quite large for the space. We're hoping that when we makeover the kitchen, we can extend the length of the cabinets to match the microwave, by adding some trim around the bottom. A different project for a different day...
Now the only ugly duckling left is the stove, which actually works very well. With no reason, other than aesthetic to make a change,  I think it will be sticking around for awhile... However, when we do purchase one, it'll be this one: 


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