Remember when I spoke so highly of the jar candles from Bath and Body Works, just a few weeks ago? Well, yesterday my love affair ended abruptly when one of these candles caused me to suffer a major injury.
Here's the story: I was attempting to get down a vase for the daffodils I had just bought, by standing on my tippiest toes on my tallest step stool to reach the top shelf of our coat closet (where our vases are kept). Usually Nick (with his taller stature) is the vase retriever, but since he was on a business trip, I took matters into my own hands. One of the candles we weren't using was sitting up  on the shelf as well. As I reached for the vase, the candle fell down, squarely on my nose; causing it to immediately start swelling. By this morning, I looked like this:
Okay, not really but this isn't something a little makeup can easily hide...

Lesson learned: don't buy flowers when Nick is out of town...

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