flowers & candles

Happy Friday! I, for one, am very glad the weekend is here. My little ones have a big space-themed field trip today. Plus, my sweet husband planned a little date for us tonight that includes greek food + Water for Elephants (which I'm oh-so-excited to see!).  I know I mentioned all the projects we worked on over the break, but everything is about 90 percent finished, so we're finishing up last minute details this weekend. Hopefully next week I'll have more interesting things to show you... For now I leave you with some images my two favorite accessories: flowers and candles. 

I found this sweet little candle at Pier 1 this week and I love the small tin + the subtle flowery fragrance it  has.
I also picked up a beautiful bouquet of spray roses for $5 at Whole Foods this week, thanks again to Mr. Nick. I split up the flowers into three separate found bottles/jars so that we could enjoy them in multiple rooms of the apartment. 
Finally, in an itch to switch things up for Spring, I decided to group all our white and off-white candles together on our blue dresser. I love the simplicity of this arrangement (and the fact that it cost me nada!). 
Sweet and simple. What are your go to items when it comes to decorating?

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