Pretty in Pink

Several weeks ago I bought the March issue of House Beautiful magazine, primarily because they were featuring all things pink. (My fav!) As I looked through the pages of gorgeous pink rooms, furniture and accessories, something caught my eye; it was a small picture of a painted lampshade (no price of course).
The image stuck with me and I decided to try my hand at painting a lampshade as well...
My little bedroom lamp was up for a test run of my painting abilities, so I gathered my supplies and got to work.
I really liked the gold accents on the House Beautiful shade, so I first used a metallic gold paint pen to draw a floral design and line the top and bottom of the shade. 
Next, I painted in my drawing, using lots of colors (though I naturally tended toward shades of pink). 

This fun project allowed me to be a little more artistic. Plus, I love the way it adds interest to my little lamp.
The total cost of this project was $7 ($4 for the paint pen and $3 for the paints); not too shabby, considering the one in House Beautiful was probably at least $100....

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  1. Very cute shade! I'd love to see how it looks when the lamp is turned on, like in your "before" picture. I have a plain shade that I'm not terribly attached to that I should try this out on. Hmmm.


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