In L-O-V-E

....with my husband of course.... BUT ALSO with this amazingly amazing dresser we scored at Urban Ore last weekend! 
Nick readily obliged to my request for some face time with Anthropologie and Urban Ore, after a "blah" Saturday morning. We spent a good 45 minutes wandering around Anthropologie, while I mentally redecorated my home with my millions of dollars (haha). We left mostly empty-handed and set off for our favorite thrifty store
When we got to Urban Ore, we went our separate ways (Nick made a beeline for the old electronics section and I headed to the furniture section - naturally).  Then I saw it; the most perfect Anthropologie-est dresser I had ever seen!

My thought process: "Self, we don't need another dresser" "But I loooove it." "Self, we have no room in our apartment..." "But I love it!" 
I yanked Nick away from the dusty piles of old record players and cassettes with the words, "I found something I really, really love but we don't have room for it." (Insert sad face.) 
As luck would have it, Nick really liked it also and we figured out a place for it to fit in our home (in our "dining area" by the balcony). We decided to sell the console table that I painted last year to make room (and $$) for this piece that is a little more "us." Before I knew it, we were paying for the dresser and leaving with promises to pick it up the next day with my larger car. 
When we got it home, we took it straight to the balcony so that I could sand it. The finish was a little rough and there were some splintery parts. However, it was nothing that 30 minutes of power sanding couldn't cure. I also cleaned all the surfaces with Murphy's Oil. 

As you can see, it doesn't have any handles- although you can definitely tell where they used to be! This is a situation we're planning to remedy (hopefully) very soon with some DIY drawer pulls.
We are also toying with the idea of spray painting numbers on the drawers, similar to this real-life Anthropologie dresser (only $998, friends!).  
Of course we're going to live with our new dresser for a few weeks before we make any big changes.
What do you think? We know that rustic beat-up looking dressers aren't everyone's style, but we are super excited about it! 


  1. I think it's great and has a lot of character! : )

  2. Thanks Joi! It definitely has tons of character and we really love it (if you can't tell......) : )


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