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 One of the items on my Teeny-Tiny To-Do List was to make a mobile for the baby's room. I've been looking on Pinterest for months for mobile-inspiration. Without a nursery theme, it was hard to find mobiles that I liked for baby boys. Most of the mobiles pinned were very theme-y with animals, airplanes, robots, or dinosaurs. I wanted something a little more abstract and fun. 

I was almost going to give up the search a forgo a mobile, when I found this pinwheel mobile. I loved the idea of brightly colored pinwheels above my baby's crib and decided that this would be a great project. The  pin led me to sidebyside.blogspot.com, where I then found the link to an Etsy shop selling lots of pretty pinwheel mobiles. To make these myself, I googled pinwheel instructions and was led to Martha Stewart's site and easy instructions on how to make pinwheels. 
I made a quick trip to Michaels to pick up the following supplies: colored card stock, patterned scrapbook paper, oversized brads, and white thread. The total cost of supplies was $20. (It would have been less but I picked up some heavy-duty thread for $7 because I wanted to make sure this wasn't going to fall on Mr. Teeny Tiny in the middle of the night.)  
 My brother was around for the day, so he became a willing participant in pinwheel making. First, I glued a piece of patterned paper to each of the pieces of  card stock. Then we cut each 12x12 paper down to 8x8, using a paper cutter. 
We followed Martha's instructions to make 6 pinwheels. We drew diagonal line from the corners to the center, cut along the lines, and folded up the pinwheels. We used a pin to poke holes through each layer of paper and then used the brad to secure the pinwheel. 
After that, I tied a piece of thread to the top bottom of each brad, and folded the brad over the top of the thread to secure each pinwheel. Next, I looped each string around the embroidery hoop multiple times and spaced the pinwheels around the hoop, hanging each at a different height.  I tied up all the threads together, approximately 12 inches above the hoop. Lastly, Nick hung the mobile on an eye hook above the crib. He pulled hard on it to make sure it wasn't going anywhere and everything is very secure.
 We love how the mobile turned out. It's nice and light and looks great hanging above the crib. It's fun to watch it the pinwheels spin gently when the windows are open or if the air is on. I hope our little man will enjoy it too! 

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