chalkboard doors

When we came up with a plan for Teeny-Tiny's room, we knew that we needed to do something with the chicken-nasty closet doors. They had the look and feel of cheap cardboard, in an unflattering beige color. Nothing good about those doors. However, in the interest of keeping costs down, we decided that we didn't want to replace them. Even cheapish new doors would have cost at least $80 for all four of the closet doors.

So, my smart cookie hubby came up with the idea of painting the doors with chalkboard paint. Brilliant! 
A couple weeks ago, he took the doors down and painted each one with Rustoleum's black chalkboard paint.  He used an extra-smooth foam roller, so that there wasn't any brush marks or roller marks on the doors. Nick gave each of the doors two coat of paint. 
The doors dried quickly and were easy to put back on the track. Then it was just a waiting game. The directions on the can said to let the paint cure for 4 days before drawing on the chalkboard.  
I wanted to make a fun mural for the doors, since Teeny Tiny probably won't be coloring anytime soon! I decided to draw birch trees with some woodland creatures (although don't look too closely at them - not my best drawing!)  peaking out around the trees.  Nothing permanent or amazing but another easy way to add character to this bedroom. 
So that's our closet-door update. For the cost of $20 (two cans of paint) we transformed these doors into something fun and more attractive than what previously existed.  


  1. Cute idea for the closet doors--and I love the updates you made to your bathroom as well. : )

    Lisa at http://theeverydayceliac.blogspot.com/

  2. Haha, your drawings are much better than anything we would do! Chalkboard paint here is SUCH a perfect idea- you don't even notice that it's a scummy ole closet door.


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