Apartment #2 Tour

When you walk into our apartment, you step into a narrow hallway, which opens up into a much wider foyer in the center of the apartment. We added our card catalog-inspired console to the hallway for some much needed storage and personality when you first enter.
In the foyer, we centered a small round table below the pendent light and grounded the space with a seagrass rug. I have been on the look out for a round rug, but haven't found the perfect one yet. We also hung our homemade city print in the foyer and love the big art in a small space look (although, have plans to make a frame for it- someday!)


The kitchen isn't too exciting, although it offers a lot more space than our old kitchen did. We haven't done much with this room, other than switch out all the hardware for some oil-rubbed bronze knobs. We love how bright this room is and the amount of storage space it offers.
Breakfast Nook

The breakfast nook is just between the kitchen and the living room. I painted the shelf nook dark blue and made bold flowered curtains to give this room a little more color than the rest of the house. The blues, pinks, and turquoise work well with the neutral pallet and keep things interesting. 
We created a little feeding station for Henry out of Lucy's reach, in this room. As you can see, I started a picture collage on the wall and didn't get very far... We ran out of picture-hanging-steam in the last month, but hopefully will complete this project (and others!) this summer. 
Living Room
Just like in our old apartment, we combined this large living room area into a living room and dining room. This room is definitely smaller than the previous apartment but we like the cozy feel of the space. Our couch is a slipcovered hand-me-down from my parents that we are hoping to (a) replace or (b) get professionally slipcovered, so it doesn't look so frumpy. Just beyond the living room, we have the "dining room."

 We added a globe-shaped lantern above the table to anchor the space and give it a "dining-room-ish" feel. We also added our drop-cloth-turned-drapes around the balcony windows and my favorite piece of furniture ever. I love this little area of our home and it's a great space for entertaining.
Master Bedroom

Sadly this room has received the very least of our attention. I think that it's because we're still not sure what we want it to look like. We added our frame collage and chandelier and then... left it at that for 3 months. Hopefully our next project will be a DIY headboard of some sort!

Not much to see here, other than my favorite shower curtain! I do love the vintage tile in here, although I'm not crazy about anything else....

This is our favorite room in the apartment, the octagonal tower room, which we use for an office/extra bedroom. From our homemade pallet bed to our custom-built desk; our refinished dresser and lantern light fixture, everything in this room has evolved over the last several months. We love the room and end up spending a lot of time up here, enjoying the view

We are lucky enough to have a little outdoor space to call our own. We personalized this tiny space by adding wood flooring, a homemade bench and bright cheerful accents. 

Click here to see how everything looked when we moved in. Also, if you're interested in our first apartment, you can check out this old post.

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