a rug mistake

 Back in the fall when I purchased my round entry hall rug, I also bought a second rug the same day. This one was definitely an impulse purchase.  I saw this pretty rug at World Market and it was on sale for $50. So for around $100, I got two lovely rugs for the home. (Note: Nick was out of town for these purchases). Unfortunately, I didn't think through the second rug purchase as thoroughly as the first. I was blinded by the price and the pretty colors. 
 However, this rug was a. clearly too small for the space and b. made of felt. A felt rug is not the best for furry animals. It's like its very own lint trap collecting dust and pet fur like a magnet.  So it only looks good for the 15 minutes after it has been vacuumed.  Unless Henry decides to lay on it- then it's only 5 minutes. (Which is why I can't show you a close up picture of the rug.) Also, it's obviously too small to sit under our round table. It probably needs to be at least a foot wider. 
I still love the rug and hope to find a more appropriate place for it some day... Nick (who does most of the vacuuming) is not a fan. Anyone else out there made a decor mistake? 

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