The more pregnant I become, the more emotional I have been getting. I picture my husband reading this and nodding his head vigorously right now... I've always been a bit more sensitive than your average bear, but now with pregnancy hormones in the mix, I can't seem to stop the water works. Here are some of the more "interesting" things that have brought on the tears in the last month:
1. The winter finale episode of Glee. Yes it was sad, but hysterical crying, freaking out my husband sad? Umm, probably not.
2.  A Chipotle commercial where cartoon cows had to be raised in barns, instead of grass fed. (They were moved back to the fields in the end.) Picture Nick rubbing my back and telling me, "the cows are happy, love."
3. Several country songs... primarily when the subject is little kids or raising a child.
4. Reading the "birth story" of someone else online, on a blog I've never read before... One that was completely normal with no complications or craziness.
5. Nothing at all.... Nick: "What's the matter, bub? Why are you crying?" Me: "Iiiiii dooonnn't knnnoooww!"
I hear that the emotions are here to stay and tend to get worse after baby is born... Nick is ecstatic. 


  1. aww!  sending love east to west! xoxo 

  2. well first of all.  cheers for being a super adorable pregnant lady!  love your style.

    in other random news.  i am quite nervous about hormones when i get pregnant someday.  poor hubs.  such a champ he will have to be. :)

    happy tuesday to you friend!

  3. Thank you!! The hormones can get a little crazy, but hopefully your hubs will be as understanding (albeit bewildered) as Nick.
    xo, j

  4. thanks victoria! no birthday bar crawl this year?! 
    xo, j 


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