Maternity clothes have been on my mind, now that some of my pants are becoming a bit too tight for this growing tummy. Although I know that maternity clothes have come a long way, I still had some misgivings about the whole process. So, dragging my mom along for support, I headed to Destination Maternity last weekend to browse their selection. We were in the store approximately 5 minutes, without purchasing a thing. Truth be told, the wall of jeans with stretchy panels scared me and I decided to pledge my commitment to all pants ending in -egging...  Maybe I'll visit the whole maternity-pants-situation in a few weeks when I'm feeling braver or just out of options!
ps: Lucy's very excited to meet her new little brother or sister. 


  1. I've made it this far with just $8 leggings from Target.  I literally wear them everyday! 

  2. Haha! I already have 3 pairs of those! You've given me hope that I can make it without real maternity pants!


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