Pregnancy has made me awkward... or perhaps just more awkward than I already am! Sometimes I feel like my brain is shrinking with each passing month of pregnancy. Here are some recent "moments" that I've had:
1. Walking out the door to church yesterday morning, I realized my sweater was on inside-out. Luckily, I realized before anyone else did! 
 2.  While making sea-salt rice crispy treats with a friend, I misread the recipe and put in 1/4 cup of sea salt, rather than 1/4 teaspoon. Then we both choked them down,  pretending to like the salty treats for 10 minutes, until I rechecked the recipe.
3. Church in general has become awkward. For the last two months, I haven't made it through a whole service. About 45 minutes in, I either have to rush out because I think I'm about to pass out or throw up. Nobody wants to sit in the pew next to the pale, clammy pregnant girl at mass.
4.  At Target last week, the greeter asked me if I'd like a cart. Rather than a simple, "No thank you," I responded with, "Oh, not yet. I need to go to the bathroom first." I'm sure she wanted to know that...
5.  After spending 5 minutes attempting to button up a flannel shirt that used to fit, Nick said, "Love, I think it's time for you to go shopping."  He never says that!
6. I've had paper towels written on the shopping list for 5 weeks. Last week was the first time I actually purchased any. Somehow, I never  forget the jar of pickles...
Luckily, even with all these ditzy instances, I have no shame. In fact, I usually find the whole thing quite humorous! Oh, pregnancy... 


  1. It is very true that pregnancy kills brain cells! I have yet to admit this to anyone but once when i was pregnant with L. I couldn't figure out how to get out of the bathroom stall! Just to warn you the brain cells you lose don't come back when the baby is born ... and you lose them with each pregnancy!

  2. As a mommy of a toddler I can recall that. And for sme reason those brain cells don't all seem to come back after little baby arrives ;)... or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it (explains why I still forget the TP when he's two). Too funny - enjoy being preggie. It's such a neat time in your life. You look so cute! Thanks for posting the 'propgress' shots!

  3. Thanks, Elaine! Sad to know that those brain cells aren't coming back, but at least I know I'm in good company : )

  4. Oh no, Mackenzie- too funny! Yikes, I better not have too many kids after this one, I'll have nothing left! 


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