yay bedroom!

Finally, finally, finally! We spent this weekend showing our bedroom a little love. If our bedroom could talk it would say, "About time guys, it's only been 8 months since you moved in here!"
Why the wait? Well we I couldn't quite decide what we I wanted it too look like. My perfectionist tendencies were hindering any progress for months and months. I looked at tons of design pictures online, catalogues, and talked over the possibilities endlessly with my mom and Nick (sorry guys!) I even wrote about it on here a few times...
Well I can finally say we are on the path to completion. (Although, is anything in our home ever really complete??) Now that we have a direction (and a headboard!) everything else is falling into place in my mind and we've been whipping out projects all weekend long. I can't wait to show you everything, but of course I want to wait until things are a little more finished and fabulous.
I'll leave you with a few little hints... Something along the lines of this:

and this:

oh and something sort of like this:

{via pinterest}

were inspiration for our room. Can't wait to finish it up! 

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