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About a week ago, I saw this picture on Pintrest and made the snap decision (I'm full of them lately!) to paint our dining room ceiling dark blue.
I had three quarters of quart left from painting the built-in shelves in the same room (definitely not enough) and decided that I wanted to tackle this project before I went back to school.
Here's a picture of the room with it's  plain white ceiling:
Not bad, but I liked the idea of adding a little more drama to this room. So, I frog taped the crown molding and cut in a few inches with an angled paintbrush. Then I painted 4 coats of blue paint, using a paint roller extension. Even so, my neck was so sore the last few days! Luckily, the whole process was way less messy than I anticipated. As a precaution, I tarped the entire room and moved furniture out, but didn't have any paint-splatter in the hair situation.
So here's the finished project:
We added a white medallion to the light fixture, since we liked that aspect of our original inspiration photo.  The fixture is the original Spanish Revival light that is found in most apartments in our building. Nick loves it. I say, meh....
I love the deep blue with the chunky white moulding. It definitely adds some drama to the room.
Sadly, I think I may have to do one more coat of blue... There are few light spots that you can see only in the middle of the day. My neck is getting it's energy up for one more painting session. 
As you can see, the artwork in this room is in transition again. It will be finished. Someday.  


  1. love it!  I have friends who did a chocolate ceiling in their dining room and I've been obsessed with dark colors on ceilings ever since--you did a beautiful job!

  2. Thanks Victoria! 


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