Remember this little to-do list I made a couple of weeks ago, when I finished teaching summer school?
So far, we've only accomplished one item on that list... our bedroom. Actually the bedroom isn't even "finished" either. We still have things to do in there, but we got a good jump on it making our headboard and pillows and changing the lighting.
What happened to the rest of the list?? Well, as usual life got busy and DIY projects were put on hold. Currently, these are the things that having been keeping our attention are this guy:

And this place: 
Poor Mr. H. has been very sick since last Thursday. After several long phone conversations with the vet plus two visits, Nick and I spent the weekend nursing him back to health.  (This included feeding him baby food from my fingers... pleasant!)
I'm happy to report that Henry appears to be making a full recovery, which means he's back to hiding in the bathtub, sneakily leaping on Lucy's back, and chatting up a storm! 
That scary place in the second picture is my new classroom, in case you couldn't tell... I was able to start setting things up last week, so that it looks a bit more welcoming come August 29th.

Don't worry, we haven't totally given up on our apartment; we just took a break the last week to focus on more pressing matters. We're hoping to get a few more projects squeezed in before school starts! 

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