a series of fortunate events

When Nick was in elementary school, he wrote a book called a "Fortunately, Unfortunately" Book where each page either started with the words fortunately or unfortunately. I feel this style of writing is very apropos for this story.
I've mentioned that I was camera-less off and on for the last few weeks.
I was making my euro-sham pillow covers and my camera was sitting out on the countertop, in the on position so I could take pictures of the process. Very unfortunately, I accidentally hit the camera, causing it to fall on the ground and die a painful death.
I wish I could blame it on this guy, but the camera death was unfortunately, all me.
Fortunately, Nick, knowing his clumsy wife and her propensity to break/lose expensive electronics had purchased the accidental damage warranty on the camera. We were able to take it to back to Best Buy to see what the Geek Squad could do for us.
Unfortunately, that ended up being absolutely nothing, other than  to send our camera away to be repaired. Fortunately, they told us we could buy a replacement for the interim and they would refund us fully when the other camera came back. So we purchased a Canon Rebel and had fun trying out a DSLR for a couple weeks. Unfortunately, we were getting close to the end of the exchange period for camera number two, so we had to return it. Fortunately, Best Buy called and said, "Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do for your camera, so we will give you the full amount to replace it. "
Fortunately, it happens to be my birthday quite soon and Nick decided to upgrade my original camera with a DSLR for a birthday gift.
Notice my mom's super cute calendar page for August!
After much consultation with camera aficionados, Nick ended up buying me a Canon 60D which is quite an intimidating camera for someone who knows the bare minimum of photography. So, I'm reading my manual and determined to learn how to best use my camera.
The End

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  1. Thats awesome!  You'll have to share how you figure out your new camera. I have been wanting to buy a nice one but am intimated!


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