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Do I have a pillow addiction? Perhaps. When I was at Pottery Barn a couple weeks ago, I fell for this gorgeous Ikat pillow:
However the price (being $59 for one pillow cover) was prohibitive. Fast forward five minutes to when I am perusing their table linens and what do I spy but Ikat napkins with the same exact print (only smaller)! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?! "Why, Jessica, you could make your own pillows from these napkins!"
And so I did.
I bought 4 napkins, at $6 a pop - 2 pillows cost me less than one of their pre-made pillow covers!
Notice the decorative edge on the napkins. I liked the idea of a square-pleated pillow so I decided to use this nice pleat to my advantage.
So I lined up the edges of two napkins, back-to-back, and used my iron-on hem tape to assemble the pillow.
When I finished 3 sides, I stuffed my pillow inside.
 As luck would have it, I happened to have two extra pillows lying around that were the exact right size for these covers. Then I hemmed the last side using the same ironing method.
What do you think? I think the goldy-blue tones are perfect for the fall.
For now, these pillows are residing in our guest room on our pallet bed.  Like most pillows in our house, they'll probably play musical chairs and end up in other rooms throughout the year. I think that their first move will be to the couch this fall. 


  1. What a great idea!  I going to have to Pottery Barn and check out their napkins to make me some.

  2. i like your version much better than their $59 cover!

  3. Love them!! I need to find cute napkins!

  4. I love your version as well.  I saw your comment on Thrifty Decor Chick.  I went out the same day to buy some napkins  from Pottery Barn to make my own pillows.

  5. This is SO funny!! I swear I didn't copy. ;) I love how you did yours even more. Wish I would have done that.


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