goodbye symmetry

After living with our living room for a few months, I felt like something was a little off. We set up our living room with our two leather chairs on either side of the fireplace and left it like that. To me, it felt a bit too symmetrical, crowded, and "stagey". During pregnancy, I did not have the inclination nor the energy to move things around, so everything stayed as it was. 
Yesterday during Hayden's morning nap, I had the urge to finally move the furniture around. Nick gets a little concerned when I do these things by myself, but I figured if it looked good, he wouldn't mind. (And it was also my birthday so he couldn't be mad at me!) 
So I did a little switcharoo and the chair and TV traded places. I also hung a mirror above the TV since the wall looked a little bare. 
 We are living with the new arrangement for a while to see if we like it better this way, but as of now, it's a welcome change! 

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  1. I like it! Do you have to put the shade down to watch tv during the day b/c of the glare? The mirror looks a little high (could be the angle in the pics?) so I would maybe drop it down a couple of inches. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one.


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