bob marley and baby

My baby loves Bob Marley... and  Ziggy and Stephen Marley too. When Hayden gets a little fussy, we'll turn on a little Bob and he calms down in 30 seconds flat. We discovered our son's love of Bob by a happy accident. We were listening to a children's Pandora station when Three Little Birds came on and the little mister was suddenly all ears. We created a Bob Marley Reggae station on Pandora and turn it on whenever we see a meltdown brewing. Our little Rastafarian has Mommy and Daddy learning all the words to every single Bob Marley song. Nick has even gotten a little creative with the lyrics to No Woman, No Cry (now sung as No Hayden, No Cry). Don't be surprised if Little Mister starts sporting dreads and a beanie someday soon...

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