first family vacay

Last week, our little family packed up our little car and headed to the mountains for 10 days to vacation at Lake Tahoe. We stayed at a cabin with my family in Tahoe City. My extended family was up in Tahoe as well so we had tons of whole group dinners, beach outings, and meeting up at our favorite coffee house. It was definitely a different experience traveling with a newborn than going on vacation with just the two of us. Little Mister was a champ but his sleep schedule from the first two weeks was thrown off for most of the vacation. Luckily, we had many people willing begging to hold him so we were able to catch up on some rest during the days.  My favorite parts of the vacation were the quiet mornings spent walking to the coffee shop, and our lazy afternoons at the beach. Here's some snapshots from our first vacation with the little man. 

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  1. LOVE those pics :) what a perfect little man. and that family pic is great! you're such a beautiful little family!


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