a little lighting action

Lest you think the only thing I can talk about these days is my baby boy, I thought I would change it up with a house-related post. We continued to make small updates and work on the house up until right before Hayden was born. One such change was the light in our dining room. 
The previous owners left a giant drum shade fixture in the dining room. Not really our style at all. We planned on living with it for awhile until we could decide on something that we really liked. 
My father-in-law, Bob, works in the lighting industry and he asked if we wanted a new light, one that he had ordered for someone else and then not ended up not using after all. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, we gladly accepted the light.
Nick hung it up a couple weekends ago and we have been enjoying the rustic fixture ever since. It is much less top-heavy than the previous light and it looks good with the Oakland picture behind it. Nick also installed a dimmer so that we can enjoy nice romantic mood lighting during dinner...with our newborn. 
I love free updates! 

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