Summer Lovin'

My favorite season is almost here. I can feel it; the days are getting longer, the school year is winding down, and Memorial Day is just around the corner (hello four-day weekend!). In light of these summery vibes, I took it upon myself to brighten up our entryway with a fun summer vignette (we all know Nick was itching to be the one to arrange and rearrange random objects, but alas it had to be me.)
I created my vignette upon our fresh new console cabinet, since it was the perfect neutral backdrop for all things summery.
My love of pink is clear in this little set-up, but I also brought in a few other summery colors, like cool blues, bright greens and a touch of yellow. I centered the 'scape around a vase full of beautiful pink tulips  (when they pass, I'll probably switch them out for a vase of lemons and play up the yellow). 
Above the tulips, I hung a string of  homemade flags, which I made out of scrapbook paper and ribbon. 
To the left, we have a large letter R (since we like to remind ourselves often that we are Reisfelts...) grouped with a framed picture from several summers ago (to bring back sweet summer memories), and a beautiful little canister gifted to me at my bridal shower.  I love the simple flower pattern on it and the pale colors definitely speak of summer. 
Over on the right, I created another little grouping of things found around the apartment. I used two books to create some height on this end and added a little white ceramic bird for whimsy. You may remember this candle tin from Pier One. I love the pattern on it, even though the candle has long since burned out. 
I also added a white vase with some simple plant clippings on top of the books. I love the combination of green and white! 
I'm drawen colors and freshness of this vignette- it's like a little spring-almost-summer party right when you walk in the front door. It makes me oh-so-excited for the upcoming summer months! 

The Lettered Cottage


  1. Soo pretty! I think the bunting gives it the perfect touch of whimsy. I shared this on my tumblog... thanks! http://suchsimplejoy.tumblr.com/

  2. it's adorable! i love pink and green! i also love how you just shopped around the house and used things you had. that's what i did too... who can afford to buy new decor every season? : )

  3. Kim-Starshine ChicMay 26, 2011 at 1:30 PM

    Looks great!  Love the color combo.  Especially love the flag garland


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