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Long before I wrote this blog, decorated my apartments, or even cared about decorating at all, I had a serious crush... on a house. I remember watching Father of the Bride, falling in love with the whole movie, especially the gorgeous house in which the Banks family resided. 
I vowed (at age 8) that I would one day live in a house as beautiful as that one. 

Although this remains my favorite, times change. As I grew up, I watched movies with an eye on the architecture and decor, mentally filing away pictures of my favorite homes. Some of my other favorites included the houses in The Parent Trap, which I saw when I was 13. 
I was especially enamored with the Napa house set in the middle of gorgeous wine country.
Another house caught my eye, this time at age 17... This next crush was the amazing beach house of Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give. I love, love, loved the exterior, the white kitchen, and the beachy, yet sophisticated vibe of this house.

Then during college, I saw The Holiday, and loved both houses featured in that movie. Cameron Diaz's contemporary white LA home and Kate Winslet's English cottage were both beautiful in their own unique ways. 

Most recently, I have become obsessed with Meryl Streep's Santa Barbara house in It's Complicated. I've probably watched the movie four times now and am completely in love with the rustic, casual decor of the beautiful house (along with the amazing SB scenery!). 

My favorite part of this house is the kitchen, with it's pale pallet and enormous workspaces.
{all It's Complicated photos via: hookedonhouses.net}
So what do all these houses have in common? Nancy Meyers wrote and directed every single one of these movies. I read that as a director, she feels that the houses and their interiors play as much a role in the movies as the characters do. No wonder myself, and so many others have come to know and love these romantic comedies. Not only do they provide a lovely light story; they provide tons of decor eye candy! 


  1. Ah as I was slowly scrolling down I was thinking... "These are my favorite houses too!" and then I thought... "I should share the AMAZING house from It's Complicated..." and then you did... beautiful!

  2. reisfeltadventureMay 11, 2011 at 7:35 AM

    You have good taste in houses, my friend! While I'll always have a soft spot for the FOTB house, my dream house is the house from It's Complicated.... someday- when we make lots of money from our lucrative jobs, right?!


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