setting the table for spring

If you've noticed one thing about our home, it might be that our tables always have something on them- I don't really like a naked table, so I usually have place mats, a table cloth, or some sort of centerpiece on my tables at all times. Typically, it's nothing fussy, just a simple arrangement or a vase of fresh flowers. This weekend, I decided to trade my "Easter-y" pieces, for something a little greener and generally Springier.
On our long dining room table, I added a natural looking runner (which is actually a role of drawer liner from the Container Store).
Then I used our two IKEA lanterns (with the wine cork fillers) and three of these faux wheat grass plants from Pier One. On a side note, I really do have a black thumb so fake plants are sometimes the way to go in our house...
The whole look is very symmetrical and simple- which I like...for now!
I used my homemade terrarium for a centerpiece on our kitchen table. Then I added four woven place mats that I picked up from Home Goods for $5 awhile ago. 
The last thing I did was fold some rectangular place mats (from Tarjay I believe) and layer them on top of the woven ones, to add a little more depth and interest to the table. 
Both of these looks were simple to achieve and technically "free". I say "free" because of course we purchased all these things at one point for our home. However, for the purposes of these settings, I just shopped around the house and didn't buy anything new to add to the tables. These two looks could easily transition into summer (which they probably will!) and are easy to maintain. 


  1. I love the table setting with the lanterns! Looks great!

  2. reisfeltadventureMay 11, 2011 at 7:35 AM

    Thanks so much Carrie!


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