professing my love for gold washi tape

I'm a little late to get on the washi tape train, but can I just tell you how much I love it?! I picked some up for a craft for Hayden's birthday party (one you never saw- darn camera) and I had some left over so I decided to washi tape a few household items. I love that washi tape is a. easy to apply and b. easy to take off (if I ever get tired of it). Anyway, my tape of choice was this gold washi tape from Paper Source. I love the gold-accent trend right now, so this was an easy choice. 
The first item to be washi-ed: this cute little lamp from good old Target. I love the pink and white combo but when you add gold? Perfection.
Numero dos: This heavy wooden tray on our coffee table. I love the size but the wood-on-wood look is a little boring. So I added a gold washi border to the top of the tray and now it stands out nicely.
The third and final (for now) victim is this green lacquered box. It's from the Container Store (who PS has the best selection of lacquered boxes, IMHO.) 

If this blog post doesn't convince you that you need some gold washi tape in your life... I'm not really sure what will. 

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  1. the cape on the cornerAugust 21, 2013 at 10:35 AM

    seems a lot simpler than spray paint!


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