floors, part 1

So remember how I told you a couple weeks ago that we were planning on ripping out our old flooring and installing all new cork flooring downstairs? Well, we did it! It took us  two weekends to totally complete the project (possibly that had to do with a little someone who's name begins with an H...). However, they are done and done and we have a contractor coming to install all the baseboards next week (Nick is also done and done with home improvement projects for a while...) 
Anyway, we spent the first Friday night pulling up old carpet, carpet tack, and parquet tiles. The parquet came up like no big thing (as in no need for a hammer or chisel, just use your fingers to pull them up). The carpet + tack took a lot more work. So, the "demo-ing" portion of this project took about 5 hours.
The next morning, after some excessive vacuuming, we laid the underlayment (an eco friendly recycled rubber material) to even out the floors and absorb some of the sound. My dad came over for the morning hours to give us a jump start and coach us through the floor laying process. 
Please note that Lucy was this helpful in the way the entire weekend... 
The cork was relatively easy to install- no glues or nails since it's a floating floor that locks into place. When there weren't any cuts or angles in the room, we could get it down pretty quickly. Nick did the lion's share of the work on this floor. I helped as much as I could, but even with my mom babysitting several days, I still had to juggle taking care of Hayden and multiple trips to the hardware store for this or that. Besides, Nick tends to be a one-man show when it comes to projects.
 The first weekend, we got through the dining room, living room and entryway. By Sunday night, the only part we had left was the bathroom and the kitchen- very small by comparison ,but also very tricky for the amount of cuts + the appliances, etc. 
So, that's part one! I'll be back soon to share the end result (hopefully- it's Hayden's birthday on Saturday so we are in the midst of some serious party preparations - hence the floors)! 

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