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Sometimes, one thing leads to another... 
While we were working on our floors downstairs, we realized that we would need to take the toilet in our downstairs bathroom out to lay the floors underneath it. While the toilet was out, we decided that we would just replace it, because it's been in bad shape since we moved. We had a plumber look at it but it still never really flushed properly. So, while the toilet was out, I decided it would be the perfect time to paint in that cramped area behind it. (Side note: I'd been planning on painting the bathroom at some point in the future.) I knew the color paint I wanted to use (Sherwin Williams Urban Bronze) and since it was a small room, it was a quick job. 
With the new paint, I hung new art, hardware, and got a couple of new towels and accessories.

We finished up this mini makeover in a hurry, since it was just a couple of days before Hayden's birthday party.  

We still have a couple more items before calling the room finished:
  • Repaint the vanity 
  •  Frame in the mirror 
  •  Replace the light fixture (and light switch)
  •  Replace the medicine cabinet
Anyway, even though it's not totally finished, I love how the dark paint and new accessories really transformed the room.  Here's the before and after shot (so far): 

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