Floors are D.O.N.E.

Actually, they have been for about 3 weeks now (nothing like a first birthday party to kick your DIY projects into high gear. 
We are so happy with the way the floors turned out. With just one type of flooring throughout the entire downstairs, the whole space feels much bigger. The floors are a nice rich brown give the whole space an updated feel.
 Though cork is definitely a unique choice, we are happy we went that route. It doesn't feel hard when you're on your feet all day chasing a baby and it always maintains a moderate temperature. 
We decided to go the non-DIY route when it came to baseboards and we couldn't be happier with that choice. We selected 4 inch baseboards with quarter-round. The baseboards really finish off the floors and I love the juxtaposition of light and dark right next to each other. 
 We're so happy to cross this major project off our list and are looking for smaller things to work on while we build up our energy for the next big project (kitchen backsplash, anyone?)

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