fun friday night

On Friday night, we headed back to our old stomping grounds of Oakland to enjoy "Friday Nights @ OMCA."  The Oakland Museum of California hosts Off the Grid Food Trucks every Friday night from 5-9 pm. There's music, tons of great food, drinks, and half price admission to the museum. We met our  favorite friends Erin and Tim at the museum and started the evening with some drinks. Hayden managed to casually dip his fist into a glass of red wine. Luckily, Nick licked his hand clean before Hayden had a chance to sample it. #parentsoftheyear. 
Between the five of us, we sampled some amazing food truck food, like Kamikaze fries, Asian tacos, lumpia, short ribs, and cuban sandwiches. And the creme brûlée truck. Yes. An entire truck dedicated to my favorite dessert. Ah-mazing. 
The music was loud and it was cute to watch little kids getting their groove on. Not so cute? Watching much older drunk ladies getting their groove on - sans kids. I'm joking; Hayden loved people watching, regardless of their age or level of intoxication.
Hayden was a trooper, but when we were still there 30 minutes past bed time, we decided to call it a night and head home. Luckily, we have plenty of Fridays to come back this summer and actually go inside the museum. 

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