finally a little more kitchen progress

It's been oh about 6 months since the last time we did anything to our kitchen. What can I say? Big dreams, small budget, new baby, no time... Anyway, one thing that we did back when we were painting the cabinets was purchase hardware. We originally bought brushed nickel pulls with a simple curved shape. We purchased these specific pulls because they were cost effective and we liked that the shape mimicked the curve of our handles on the fridge and microwave. The color wasn't a big deal because we planned to spray paint the pulls to match the hinges. (We painted both with Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze.)
Anyway, we finished painting these pulls at the same time as the rest of the cabinetry. They just sat there in a bag in the garage for the last 6 months.  On Saturday evening, Hayden and I came home from church and Nick was installing all the drawer pulls. We got this cheap little template from Home Depot that Nick swears helped speed up the process.  We didn't have any handles on the drawers or doors, so Nick had to drill all new holes for them. 
Adding these pulls surprised us by making our kitchen look a whole lot closer to finished than before. Of course now that they are installed, I want to hurry up and get on with the rest of the kitchen (new counters, oven, backsplash, etc.) When you give a mouse a cookie... 

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