a bold move

Last week, Nick worked late, Hayden went to bed early, and I decided it was time to do a project. I have been enjoying our gallery wall, located between the bedrooms upstairs. However, I wanted something a little different and a bit bolder than what was already there. I picked up a quart of peacock blue paint from Ace Hardware and painted the wall completely in about an hour and a half. 
 It took me the better part of a week to hang up the pictures again, since I couldn't hammer at night after Hayden was asleep, and H + work take up most of my days. Last night, I finally hung the last pictures. I took advantage of having all the picture off the wall and updated a few. Hayden's presence is a bit more prominent on this wall than it previously. 
I hung an art project he made a preschool: 
The whole wall is a bit more dramatic and full:
I also scored another Pottery Barn floor sample item. I found the Willow side table discounted by almost 75% at our local Pottery Barn and decided it was the perfect small table for this wall.
I love the antique mirrored top of this table and the vintage feel it brings to this space. The deep blue + this table make things feel more polished than before. This little wall isn't quite finished yet. I need a couple more frames to fill in some empty spots. Also, we are planning on replacing the skinny wood-tone baseboard with some chunky white baseboards to match the bedrooms. Always something on the to-do list around here! 

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