some big changes for our little family

No,  I'm not pregnant with number 2! However, we do have some exciting news that impacts our family. As you may know, I am a special education teacher. While I really enjoy my job, it takes me away from Hayden for most of the day. I would typically leave the house by 6:45 am and return with him at 4 pm. With Hayden's early bedtime of 6 - 6:30, I was lucky if I got a full two hours with him each day. My heart was so heavy leaving my baby each day. (Although I will say that we found the most amazing babysitter!)  So we started to explore other options to see if it was possible for me to stay home with Hayden, at least part time. 
Somehow, things worked out in our favor- better than we could have imagined! I received two job offers, both for part time work. Both of them are telecommuting jobs that are super  flexible (as in I could work at 2 am if I wanted to). One of the best things about both jobs is that they are still in the realm of special education. So I can continue with my career, but approach it in a way that is so much more conducive to having a young child. 
So, that's our big news! We are so excited for this new journey and feeling very blessed that things worked out so very well for our little family.  Both jobs start at the beginning of July and I'm taking this week to fix up our home office to make it a little more mama/baby friendly and inspirational. Stay tuned for those updates! 

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