Since we got married, Nick and I have been living with a hand-me-down couch from my parents. We bought several cheap slipcovers over the years, as none would quite fit the big couch's size and shape. We added extra pillows to the back of it to make it more comfortable. This is a common happening at our house, so the white slipcovers don't stay clean for long:

Although it's served us well, it is definitely not our dream couch and I've been hoping to replace it for the last year or so. Every few months, we go couch window shopping so we've had a lot of time to decide on our musts for a new couch. Here's our list of musts: down-filled, high quality, something fairly eco-friendly, slipcovered, and neutral. With this list in mind, we narrowed it down to the Pottery Barn Comfort Square Sofa. We love how deep and comfortable this couch is, along with it's non-trendy shape.  It's 40 inches deep, which mean that Nick, me, and my baby belly can all fit on the couch comfortably- something that's becoming increasingly more difficult on our current 27 inch deep couch. We also decided on the Linen Oatmeal Slipcover, which unfortunately isn't available online.  I love a white couch but Nick put his foot down, with baby on the way. We figured the oatmeal color will hide any stains a little better. The linen is super soft and looks a little higher-quality than the standard twill. We want this couch to last us a loooong time. 

 We thought we would need to wait a long time to get our couch since we want to pay cash  instead of credit for it and it's no Ikea-priced couch... We have slowly been saving up gift cards and credit card point and now have about $950 in gift cards saved up, which is still a long way from our couch's bottom line. However, a very generous favorite relative recently offered to pay for the remainder of the couch as a baby gift for us. (Thank you, thank you, thank you, Liz!)  Now that's an offer we couldn't turn down, so yesterday we finally got to order our dream sofa!  It's set to be delivered on June 11, so we still have a little while to wait, but I'm so excited for the big change up and I can't wait to kiss our old couch goodbye! 

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