Lately, people have been asking me if I've had any pregnancy cravings. I give them my one-word answer: milk. I've always enjoyed a cool glass of milk but in the last two months, my milk habit has tripled in strength. Despite thinking we've stocked up on enough milk for the week, we inevitably do a mid-week milk run to get us through.  (The last picture up there is my typical expression when Nick asks me on Wednesday, where 2.5 gallons of milk from Saturday has gone). My milk habit isn't cheap either. Since we only buy organic milk, we're already spending a little more than average. However, Nick prefers to buy Horizon milk with DHA (for the baby's growing brain), which at $4.79 a half gallon, isn't cheap. Multiply that by 5.... and yes, you've found out that we spend over $20 a week on milk alone. I keep telling Nick to just buy me a cow instead, but really... who would milk it? 

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